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The 5 Best Running Tanks for Summer

If you’re a runner like I am, you’re always trying new shirts, shorts, shoes, hats, hair accessories and more. It… Continue reading »

A Whole30 Summertime cookout-

A Whole30 Summertime {or Anytime} Cookout

It’s crazy that the end of August is almost here- where has the summer gone?! I can’t say that I’m… Continue reading »

Paleo Noodles with Meat Sauce

Paleo Noodles & Meat Sauce Recipe

Zoodles?! What the heck are those you ask? Well, very simply ,they are zucchini noodles. I first came upon these… Continue reading »

What’s In A Name? Grass-Fed, Antibiotic-Free, Free-Range & More

I’ll never forget the time my mom and I were at Trader Joes shopping for some Whole30 approved food items…. Continue reading »