2014 Paleo f(x) Recap

Wil and I had the opportunity to attend this year’s Paleo f(x) conference in Austin, TX a couple of weeks ago. I had attended AHS last August and met Keith and Michelle Norris (creators/organizers for Paleo f(x)) who told me all about the conference- naturally, I made it a goal to attend. Wil has gotten asked to do a hands-on workshop on the snatch and the clean and jerk and I was looking forward to learning and taking in all I could. Then, the week of the conference, I received an email from Michelle asking if I had presentation content and could fill-in for someone who backed out last-minute. Needless to say, I was super pumped and said yes without thinking twice.

2014 Paleo f(x) recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

To start off, we met some really awesome people at the conference. I mean, the entire conference felt like one big networking event with TONS of information sprinkled throughout.

I had met some of the “big names” in Paleo at AHS (Mark Sisson, Rob Wolf), but this was over-the-top impressive with the amount of authors, scientists, bloggers, researchers, fitness gurus and everyday people who were all there to learn, teach and talk about Paleo/primal nutrition, fitness and more.

We were lucky enough to stay at a house with a bunch of other people who were presenting and it was a blast. We had access to all sorts of Paleo goodies like Sea Snax, Tessemae’s, Exo cricket bars, The Dirt, Primal Pit Paste and more.

2014 Paleo f(x) recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

I was slated to present on the first day and my topic was “Real World Paleo: Tips and Tricks for the busy individual”. It was meant as a Paleo 101 presentation for those who were interesting in getting some basics of cooking/meal prep, Paleo food/snack ideas, how to do Paleo when you travel for work, are an athlete or have kids. It was pretty quick, but I had a great time and received positive feedback from those in attendance. Wil snapped this pic of me while I was setting up.

2014 Paleo f(x) recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

After my presentation, I was able to relax and learn. I went to some really awesome presentations and panels that day and also on Saturday and Sunday.

Here are just a few highlights from SOME of presentations I attended. There was WAY too much info to include in here!

  • Kiefer: Carbohydrate Cycling (Books: Carb Night and Carb Backloading) 

– Fat burning machine in the morning- body is more efficient when mobilizing fat

– Eat your carbohydrates in the evening- pending your goal (maximum fat loss= limit the number of times you eat carbohydrates to once a week, goal is performance with some fat loss you would eat carbohydrates every night that you train)

– Want to avoid fructose or anything that has fructose when carb backloading in the evening- most should be glycogen in the muscles (not in the liver or glycogenesis- body fat)

– Potato (purple potato is waxy- best insulin response), white rice with ghee


  • “Stress hacking” panel (Books: Anxiety 101, REM rehab)

– how to tell you’re stressed: Data, bodily systems, if you can’t sit still and meditate for a specific amount of time

– Non-supplement solutions for stress-relief: nasal breathing during the workout, good posture, essential oils, sleep, get out into nature, preparation, mindfulness meditation, Listen to binaural beats via headphones

– Write down 5 things you used to love doing as a kid- and DO THEM!

– Supplement solutions for stress-relief: herbal adaptagens like roseola, holy basil. Relora, TMChi, passion flower extract (helps with naps), magnesium (calming nervous system), Epsom salt baths, sensory deprivation tanks, cava in liquid form, vitamin D and fish oil


  • Terry Wahls: Wahls Protocol (Books: The Wahls Protocol, Naked Calories)

– There’s a decline in micronutrients in our food now days: mainly in chicken and beef (why grass-fed/free-range is so important)
– Nutritional deficiencies are connected with diseases- Alzheimer’s, MS, etc.
– Protocol suggestions: 3 cups of these each day: 3 greens, 3 colored veggies and 3 sulfur veggies (cabbage, onion, cauliflower)
– 25-30% of a butchered animal is offal (organ meat)- we need to be eating more of these


  • Kirk Parsley: Sleep and Performance Optimization

– Diet, exercise and sleep are the 3 pillars of health
– Testosterone is the main female sex hormone- women have 10 times more than estrogen (men have 10 times more than women)  723 is average numbers for male testosterone
– Before light bulbs, time in bed was 10 hours a night
– Naps need to be no longer than 1:20 minutes and not close to bedtime / 20 min is best / 45 min is good for executive function / 90 min is restorative

See below for his 10 Steps for Perfect Sleep:

2014 Paleo f(x) Recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

  • Ben Greenfield: The Ancestral Athlete (Books: Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life)

– Wellness fx and Direct Labs are resources for doing panel labs to test data
– Work on the gut: bone broth, l-glutamine, gelatin, colostrum (2 weeks prior to the event), oil of oregano/garlic/peppermint
– Work on the liver: chlorella, l-glutathione and antioxidant


  • Fitness Training In The Digital Age Panel

– Recovery resources are available to national teams, but not for the recreational athlete/ what’s your plan for recovering after a marathon?
– “I can peak an athlete once a year. Maybe twice. These are the very best people in the gene pool”- Chris Summer, USA Gymnastics
– “If you can’t quantify it, it doesn’t exist- we have to be able to quantity how you’re doing. If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist” Chris Summer, USA Gymnastics
– Tools: HRV (cloud where all data is stored), email, Internet, my fitness pal/ Sleep tracker : 24/7 by motion

  • Workout nutrition panel

– Ketogenic diet for athletes: maybe not the best for all athletes- maybe just for endurance
– Inflammation could be the main reason why athletes look to Paleo (soreness/joints)
– Most people are depleted from an adrenal standpoint- pushing yourself into a bad cycle/Help people with adrenal fatigue is take carbs out of the diet
– May be an increase in injuries/ athlete who can’t get enough calories because they can’t find enough good food/the more rarified we make our diet the more common reactions may come for no reason – make a diet more robust for athletes

Not to mention all the wonderful info I learned, we got to try a lot of new food, meet new people and check out Austin which now may be one of my favorite places of all time! They call it “food truck” city- can you imagine a better place?!

This place was where the speaker dinner was held- isn’t it adorable? It’s a farm that’s also a restaurant and I loved it. Would make for an awesome wedding reception location!

2014 Paleo f(x) recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

Wil’s birthday happened to be while were in Austin so of course, we went out to celebrate and then found some delicious late-night BBQ…which came from a  food truck.

2014 Paleo f(x) recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

There was a longer break for lunch on Saturday so I took full advantage of doing a nice long run (7) along the Colorado River. Imagine it being like Lakeshore Drive in Chicago, but with more trees, a beautiful river, a dirt/pebble path and hundreds of people with their dogs. Lady Lake is one of the more well-known areas for runners, but I saw people paddle boarding and canoeing in the river too.

2014 Paleo f(x) recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

What’s a Paleo conference without the Mark and Rob show?

2014 Paleo f(x) recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

I’m so glad that Wil and I were able to attend this conference together! He did a wonderful job on his snatch and clean and jerk workshops- check him out here. 

2014 Paleo f(x) recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

I had been hearing about and seeing photos of the Picnik Austin food truck on Instagram for a while so we had to make a trip. It’s great food that’s entirely gluten-free and mostly Paleo.

2014 Paleo f(x) recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

2014 Paleo f(x) recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

On the last day, I got to meet Mary, The Paleo Chef. I follow her on Instagram and love her posts. She’s funny and she cooks up a storm for her clients in Cali. She was down-to-earth and kind- two things that many of the authors/bloggers you meet are not (funny, huh? I don’t get it). Thanks Mary- now go check her out.

2014 Paleo f(x) recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

Lastly, there were a TON of Paleo goodies vendors at the conference. I can’t list them all, but here’s a link to the exhibitors. And here are a few goodies I got to bring home with me!

2014 Paleo f(x) Recap- fitnessisdelicious.com

All in all, Paleo f(x) was an incredible experience. I wish we would have had more time to meet other people and try more products, but there’s always next year. Apparently they are having a Paleo f(x) conference in Denver, CO in October. Wil and I are still deciding if we’ll go, but if you’re considering it, definitely make the trip- it will be well worth your time and money.

Have you been to Paleo f(x) before? What did you think? Thanks for reading and Stay Fit & Eat Delicious!

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Comments: 5

  1. Anne-Marie April 25, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    Wow – this is so awesome! Congrats on getting to present, that is such a cool opportunity. I’ve been following a modified Paleo diet (I eat some cheese and occasional plain yogurt, plus occasional rice/quinoa) for ~1.5 years now and it’s been amazing- I’ve become leaner, recover from workouts much faster, and am getting strong/faster.

    I’ve heard a lot about Paleo f(x) on some of the podcasts I listen to and really wanted to go this year, but didn’t have enough vacation time (or travel funds) to swing the trip right now. Austin would’ve been a great city to visit for a few extra days. Hopefully next year I can go!

    Are you still at Cook? I am not sure when my next trip to P48 will be, but I’d love to meet up next time I’m there and talk paleo! :)

    • Ashley Fleming April 25, 2014 at 4:29 pm

      Hi Anne-Marie!
      Yes, I’m still at Cook- would love to meet-up with you next time you’re in town! I agree, modified Paleo diet for training is awesome. Are you training for anything now? I’ve got an Olympic distance tri this summer and hopefully a few sprints, but my other hip is acting up so I may need surgery on it this summer. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon!

  2. Livia April 29, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    Hi Ashley,

    First off, I love your blog! You post so many awesome recipes and tips. I’ve recently started eating paleo and I love it but I am struggling with how much time it takes for me to cook everything. I would love it if you did a post about your and Wil’s food prep and what your meal plan looks like for the week!

    Also, any tips on how to make my boyfriend like eating paleo?

    Thank you!!

    • Ashley Fleming April 29, 2014 at 7:01 pm

      Thank you for the kind words Livia! I have a four-step meal-prep plan that I’d love to share with everyone and will prepare a post shortly. It does take a bit of planning and time to prepare foods, but I find if I set aside a few hours on Sunday before the week begins, it makes eating healthy much, much easier (especially for those with hectic schedules!).

      For tips to get someone to try Paleo; start with some easy recipes that you know he enjoys and try tweaking them slightly to be “Paleo” compliant. Don’t tell him they are Paleo or don’t use the words Paleo- most people might not even recognize what you’re eating/serving is Paleo (this happens a lot when we bring dishes to cook-outs/pitch-ins), but they know that it tastes good which is all that matters.

      Best of luck and thanks for reading!

  3. mark rogers April 30, 2014 at 11:42 pm

    good stuff…thanks for sharing what you learned!