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Hi everyone! I’m super excited about today’s post because it includes some helpful info for mommies and daddies out there- yay! I get questions like, “What should I feed my kids?” or “What are some healthy snack alternatives for kids?” and I usually have some pretty good suggestions, but today, you’re going to hear from a real parent- Mark Rogers of Simply Human.

Wil and I met Mark at Paleo f(x) a few weeks ago and he instantly became one of our good friends. We talked about anything and everything training and Paleo related (and not related) and had a few dinners together. You know when you meet someone and you think, “Gosh, if they lived near me we’d be best friends!”? Well, that’s how Wil and I felt about Mark. His personality is contagious, he’s pretty funny and he’s got some great resources on his website and his podcast– so make sure and check him out.

Mark Rogers-What To Feed Your

Mark played football in college, works for Abilene Christian University and is married to his beautiful wife and they have three (count-em) adorable kids. He’s a recreational triathlete, runner and Crossfitter and is also obtaining his strength coaching certification- so he knows first hand how it can be a challenge to lead a busy life and still prepare healthy lunches for little ones. Lucky for us, he’s got some simple suggestions. So, let’s hear what he has to say about what to feed your kids!

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So you have kids. Your kids have to eat. You feel an innate responsibility to keep your kids alive and healthy. Good.

If you don’t have that innate desire please read no further and seek out someone to raise your kids for you. You can call 1-800-MONSTER.

Jokes people.

A question I have gotten many many times is “what should I pack in my kids’ school lunch?” And it’s a question that many people ask because it can be a trite confusing. With all the marketing and gimmicks geared directly at kids and their parents, it can be very difficult to choose between Lucky Charms, Lunchables, Little Debbie packaged stuff, and lasagna (see what I did there with the ‘L’??)

Here’s a quick algorithm to use when packing a healthy, hearty, happy school lunch.

What to feed your

Density (1 or 2 items)

Nutrient dense foods are important to eat (kids and adults) to meet your daily requirements of what your body needs to function. Foods that aren’t dense, like soda and potato chips, have lots of calories but very little in the way of density.

Grass fed/organic meats
Nitrate free and organic deli meats
Raw cheese
Nut butter (peanuts are not a nut – that would fall under “legume butter”)
Full fat, plain yogurt

Fruits & Veggies (1 or 2 items)
Find a fruit or veggie your child likes, then go crazy. Vary it when you can, but have some “go-to’s” that you know they’ll eat.
Organic, no sugar added applesauce

Treats (occasionally)
What kid doesn’t like a treat in his/her lunch every now and then?
>85% dark chocolate
Unsweetened carob almonds
Unsweetened carob raisins

There is no reason to drink anything other than water. There is nothing you can get from milk or almond milk or juice that you can’t get in a better way from real food. This list is short.

Sample Lunches
So a typical school lunch for my kids will look something like this:

Lunch #1
Grass fed beef hot dog
1 oz raw cheese (or “chunk a cheese” as they call it)
Bowl of strawberries
Baggie of carrots

Lunch #2
Applegate pepperoni (2-3 slices)
Raisin and walnut mixture
Sea Snax (roasted sea weed)

Lunch #3
Bowl of avocado
Almond butter
Frozen mangos (thaw by lunch time)

Lunch #4
85% dark chocolate
Raw cheese

When things get complicated try to think of what NOT to feed your kids. That rule is pretty easy: things not found in nature. Obviously the treats don’t fall into that category, but that’s why they’re called treats.

Happy lunch packing! And remember — try to enjoy yourself.


Find Mark at:

Twitter and Instagram- @SimplyHuman52


What to feed your

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