Muncie, Indiana Olympic Triathlon Race Recap

Hi everyone! Two weekends ago, I raced the Muncie, Indiana Olympic Distance Triathlon. I have done this race before and it’s one of my favorite’s for a few reasons- the course is fairly flat with some rolling hills, it’s usually ideal weather (not too hot, not too cold) and it’s only two hours away from where I live which means I can travel to the race on race-day. Most of the course is also the same as the Muncie Half Ironman which I have done twice, so I’m pretty familiar with it.

After the start of the year I had a few fitness goals in mind. I originally wanted to train for a bikini competition and also train for a few triathlons. I hired a coach and started training twice a day and counting my macros (more on counting macros in a future post) to get my body composition to where it needed to be. I did that crazy mash-up of training for about 2-3 months before I started going insane and decided it was not sustainable. Yes, it took me 2-3 months to realize that all I was doing was training, eating and sleeping- not ideal, not healthy and definitely not fun.

So, I decided to quit the bikini comp training and focus on triathlon. Meanwhile, my right hip had been bothering me and over the past few months I’ve decided I’m going to have FAI surgery next week (eeeek!)…which left me with this race as being my only triathlon in 2014. You can learn more about FAI surgery here and I’ll be sure to update everyone on my surgery and recovery of hip numero dos.

Anyway, I digress. Going into the race I knew I was going to be slow on the run. I had spent a fair amount of time in the water and a decent amount of time on my tri-bike, but I hadn’t gotten in many good, quality training runs. I had also gained a few pounds the month prior and felt overall slow. Needless to say, (after a mild breakdown the week of the race) I went into race day being thankful for my body and all that it could do and knew that it would be a fun day no matter the outcome.


We left the house at 4:30am to make the drive and to get to the transition area in time for set-up. I got my packet, got marked and did a short little warm-up before the race. I never get into the water before a race. The thought of getting all wet and then standing around for an hour before you begin the race just drives me crazy. Oh, I forgot to mention- I bought a tri suit! I have wanted a tri suit for years and just never bought one. Before the race, I ordered a few on Amazon, tried them all on and decided to stick with this Pearl Izumi Women’s Pro In-R-Cool Tri Suit. It was really tight, but it fit well and at least I looked cool.

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race


Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race


Once the race began, we waited on the beach before getting sent off into the water. I always seem to find someone I know and it just so happened that the guy standing in front of me was a guy I had worked with at a summer camp in college! I hadn’t seen him in years so we chatted and he joked that I could pass him once we were in the water- I’m not sure if I did or not. By the way, if you look at the below picture, you’ll notice that my swim cap is ripped and my braids are hanging out. When you have a lot of hair, I guess this happens. Cheap swim cap given to all racers + big hair = total mess. Again, I digress.

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race Recap-

The swim went really well. It was 73 degrees which meant we could wear wetsuits- yay for all the help I can get! I felt calm and my breathing was ok. I favored breathing to one side because of how bright the sun was on my other side. I only got kicked maybe once or twice, but overall it was a smooth swim. I hoped out and checked my watch- 29 minutes. Faster than I had predicted so that was a plus.

The run from the shore to the transition area seemed like forever. They built a new bathing/shower house and made the athletes run through that and up this hill through the parking lot- a little longer than last year. As always, I was huffing and puffing trying to get my wetsuit pulled down as I changed into socks and biking shoes.


Transition was uneventful and my mom was standing next to the fence where my bike was. We talked as I put on my shoes and helmet and then I was off to ride the 26 miles around the lake. The bike was thankfully uneventful and it went fairly well. The first half of the course is pretty flat and the second half is more rolling hills. You do the loop twice and I averaged 18.8 for a total of 1:21 on the bike. Not great, but I felt good and felt like I had something left for the run.


The run was warmer than I had expected, but it went ok and I didn’t get leg cramps like I did the previous year! I had thought I might run an 8 or 8:15 pace, but I ended up running 8:34 minute miles for a total of 53 minute 10k. Probably one of the slowest 10k’s I’ve ever ran, but I was ok with that given my training the last month.

I finished 1st in my age group (although I was really 3rd because the girls who got 1st and 2nd in my AG went 1, 2 overall) and was pleased with a podium finish. It’s a small race, but it’s still a great accomplishment in my eyes. I was 7 minutes slower overall than I was at last year’s race- 2 minutes slower in the swim, 1 minutes slower on the bike, 3 minutes slower in the run and 30 seconds slower on each transition.

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race


Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race


Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race


A few things I was reminded of from this race:

– Your body is amazing and can do amazing things

– Your mental ability and attitude is just as important as your physical capability

– Most races, competitions or other achievements are impossible without the help of your loved ones, cheerleaders and supporters

– Be thankful for your abilities- not everyone has the opportunity to do what you CAN- it is a GIFT

I know some of you follow my nutrition for performance suggestions so I wanted to share what my nutrition looked like leading up to the race and on race-day.


Week of the race:

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race


Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race

Mostly Paleo (meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, unprocessed foods) meals with the addition of white rice and whey protein where needed for supplementation. We drink SFH Protein because it’s from grass-fed cows.  Make sure you test if you can tolerate whey protein well by doing something like a Whole30. I added in some Elete Electrolyte to my water bottles throughout the week for some additional hydration.

Day before the race: 

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race

Breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon and sweet potato. Lunch was a bowl from Chipotle with chicken, fajita veggies, lettuce, tomatoes and salsa on the side. Dinner was homemade hamburgers with white rice and cauliflower. I also had a Banana Cocoa Fuel For Fire pack as a snack and drank some coconut water with pineapple juice as well as some Elete Electrolyte add-in with my water.  I stick to foods that I normally eat with a hearty amount of clean carbohydrates to load my glycogen stores. Remember, what you eat for dinner is actually your fuel for your activity the next morning.

Race Day: 

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race

3 hours before the race (5am) I had half of a sweet potato, 3 eggs sautéed in coconut oil and about a cup of white rice. I sipped on coconut water while we were driving and also had half a short Americano – so a minimal amount of caffeine (coffee goes right through me so I never drink much before a race).

About 45 minutes before the race began, I drank a packet of plain Generation UCAN  (about 12 oz) mixed with water. On the bike, I drank one pack of orange flavored Generation UCAN (about 12oz) mixed with water. I sipped on it throughout and then finished it with 30 minutes left on the bike. I also sipped on one water bottle (24oz) of water with Elete Electrolyte add-in throughout the bike- finishing it with about 15 minutes left on the bike. Once off the bike, I took an Ignite Naturals Reload gel with water from the aid station during miles 1-2 and took a second gel (but didn’t finish it) at mile 4 on the run.

Overall I was pretty satisfied with my nutrition strategy and was happy with my fairly “clean” options for nutrition. I had practiced with the UCAN, Elete Electrolyte Add-in and the Ignite Naturals Gel so I knew what should work for me.


After the race I was able to take a cool shower and change before we headed home and I tried to roll out my legs a bit before getting into the car. I always wear compression socks after a race (and the day before)- my favorite brand are the CEP calf sleeves. We had planned on walking around a nearby mall for a few hours which I was thankful for so I could loosen up my legs and also not sit immediately after. If you want to know what I looked like post-race, here’s a great pic of me in the dressing room at GAP. Wil was sort of embarrassed of me wearing this outfit, but I didn’t seem to care much :)

Muncie Olympic Triathlon Race Recap-

That evening we ate some take-out Chinese and I watched the US Soccer match. We had a relaxing evening and I took the next day off of workouts. The following Monday and Tuesday I did some lifting, foam rolling, stretching and then mild walking and fun play/movement the following week as we were on family vacation.

Thanks for letting me share about my race day! What races have you competed in this year? Do you have any triathlons coming up? If so, which ones? What are some of your favorite “clean” nutrition options for triathlon? I’d love to hear them! In the meantime, Stay Fit and Eat Delicious :)




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